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The power with which we think is “mental dynamite, ” and it can be organized and used constructively for the attainment of definite ends. If it is not organized and used through controlled habits, it may become a “mental explosive” that will literally blast one’s hopes of achievement and lead to inevitable failure. – Andrew Carnegie

In accordance to the intriguing quote by Mr. Carnegie, it is the power that leads us to success, it is the organized effort that gives us power and to have organized effort, we need to have definite chief aim in life. See that ‘aim’ is purposely written in singular to mention that we cannot have too many of them, which could lead us nowhere but to despair and failure. Now I want you to think about someone that you have complete control over. Who is it? Think about it carefully and I will tell you who it is in the next post. Also check out a short biography of Mr.Andrew Carnegie  and his greatness in the ‘About Great People’ category.

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Spiritual SUNDAY- Higher Purpose

It’s Sunday folks! It’s the last day of the week, but definitely not the least important, the day to unwind our memories, lessons and experiences we gathered throughout the week and reflect on them, and the day to recharge our batteries and prepare for another round of the vicious battles coming ahead in the upcoming week. And what’s a better way to spend time on this precious “Sun” day than to ask about the fundamental question of life – what is the meaning of ‘your’ existence? Do you have a higher purpose in life other than to follow the tedious daily work-home routine? So for this week, our post topic will be on having a “higher purpose” in life.

No matter how beautifully a cup is decorated, it alone will not quench anyone’s thirst, without water inside it.

Nowadays, everyone seems to know what it means by “a higher purpose”- so when we talk about “higher purpose”, we mean a purpose in our lives that is not connected to material pursuits; this much is clear. But why is it important? Before diving into this question, let’s face it: we all know that material security (in short, money) is very important in our lives. So definitely it’s not wrong to try our best to gain material and money. However, in addition to this, we also need to have a “higher purpose” in order to feel fulfilled, successful and truly happy with our lives. Without this higher purpose, our lives will resemble an empty cup; no matter how beautifully a cup is decorated, it alone will not quench anyone’s thirst, without water inside it. Similarly, our lives, no matter how filled it is with wealth and possessions, without a higher purpose, our lives will have no meaning.

Some even have answers of their own to such a purpose – like “my higher purpose is to help others”, “to connect with others through my art”, “to advance mankind’s collective knowledge by contributing to science”, etc. Yes, they are all very valid answers and they all have a similarity- there is a focus (science, art) and there is a positive sense of entitlement and pride attached to these claims, a sense of meaning – something about these claims suggest that the people who spoke the words are born to do this, that it’s coded in their DNA to do this. So let’s ask ourselves.. What is that one thing, just “one thing” that we have to explore, that’s coded in our DNA and written in the stars, for us to do? Is it “write and connect with others”? Is it “create music”? If you have not found the answer, no worries! Just follow through the blog posts every Sunday, where we will explore how to find our life’s higher purpose and eventually we will find it!

See you on next Sunday!

Written by: Robert Aung/aunghnoo99@gmail.com

Consistency beats intensity

You cannot keep your body fit by going to the gym and working out straight for ten hours. However if you go to the gym every single day for 30 minutes for twenty days, you will absolutely get into shape. Intensity loses consistency.

“Long term consistency trumps short term intensity”- Bruce Lee

We do have an indigenous mindset built in us that we think we will always be the way we are, we will always achieve what we are achieving right now and nothing can ever change or improve us. It’s just an incredibly sad and negative mindset to ever have. Nevertheless, we can change, we can at least understand the fact that we can change, just a little bit at a time. For instance I can change the level of patience I have, just a tiny bit, I can change my own health condition, just by a tiny bit, I can change my ability to study hard, just by a little bit, in a mean time, what happen is that each time you change, you just have to change by a little bit, but once you changed that bit of you, you move into the new person that you are, then when you are in that new person, change just a little bit again, and if this process is repeated over and over, before you know it, you would have achieved a massive change.

We often don’t try new things or develop new set of skills and try to achieve much more is because we see change and achieving greatness as being something that is done in one big step, however that’s not how it works. If we truly understand and become aware that greatness and achieving our full potential is actually not about doing it in one go, but about doing it in many little small steps. When we finally understand this, that is when we gain the inspiration and we gain the motivation we need to go on a journey and become the best that we can be.

I had a goal several months ago that I want to develop abs and reduce my fat level. So I searched online about how to get abs in three days and tried it and I couldn’t complete the sets given. So i searched about one week abs and tried, still couldn’t complete it. I simply failed. When I started to reflect and I think about why I failed, it’s because I saw intensity as something that was more important than consistency. However time to time in my life, it’s proven to be true that consistency beats intensity. I actually have developed abs and it took me a month and a half of being consistent in my diet and workout.


6 months of consistency can put you 2 years ahead

I want to conclude you with that taking massive action is really important when you are just starting something, let it be a new passion, a new hobby or a new project. It’s really important to take huge steps at the beginning because it gets you really motivating and inspired. But then afterwards, continuing to take big steps is not sustainable. After the big step you initially take, then it’s all about consistent action. Consistency beats Intensity.

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Written by: Thiha Chi/ tithiha96@gmail.com

Practice (If you have never felt this before, you still have a way to go…)

Sometimes, I feel like my mind is at war while my heart is at peace, in short- reason running wild against emotions. I have no idea what I want, why I am here or why I am me.

Sometimes I feel like running miles away from home, while at the same time never wanting to leave. I wish people would understand me, at least those I love but then again, I don’t even understand myself sometimes. I just want to bury my head deep down in my own dark conscience. Have I gone insane? No, because I want to think otherwise.

At times I have wants, desires and wishes on almost everything and sometimes they’re as little as nothing. These thoughts messes not only with my head but also my heart. My heart is starving for mercy but my internal war with myself rages on. I am terrified and hopeless of what my mind and heart are capable of – destroying my very own existence.

Oh oh, I was just practicing my English writing skills. How do you like it? 🙂

So speaking of practice, let’s talk about “practice”.


We grew up with this mindset of ‘practice makes perfect’. I have written about the importance of perspective in my last post. Now let’s say you have a wide perspective to see opportunities and ways to solve the magic problems. However, the thing is that you still can’t perform a magic trick in front of others right after knowing how it’s done; practice is needed. Only then can you be able to perform it and take action.

So let me rearrange: ‘Practice makes you closer and closer to perfection.’

When I got interested in magic for the past several years, it has taught me many ethical and life lessons which I believe can be applied very usefully in all other industries and our daily lives. Magic is just spending more time on something than anybody would reasonably expectIn other words, keep on practicing and practicing in whatever you do or whatever field you want to improve in. The result itself will be magical. Nobody is perfect anyways and even the most intelligent person you know got rooms to practice and improve. So, let me rearrange: ‘Practice makes you closer and closer to perfection’.


Written by: Thiha Chi/ tithiha96@gmail.com (Inspired and co-written by The Protagonist)

I wear contact lens

Last year, when I learned about the importance of perspective, I knew what was making me look at the things within the boundaries; my glasses. So as you would’ve guessed from the title, I now wear contact lens that allows me to look at the world from 360° and boundaryless view! lol. ;))

Knowing which opportunity will lead to success is a whole new different subject of study.

Perspective is so powerful yet often neglected by most people. Learning about perspective will allow you to possess a whole new power to seize opportunity. Knowing which opportunity will lead to success is a whole new different subject of study. Having a diverse amount of perspectives is like looking at a magic trick from many different angles. When most of the magicians perform a trick, they have to practice a lot on getting the right angle so that the audiences are locked into one perspective. Only then the trick will work so well that people fall for it, thinking ‘oh the trick can never be solved’. But it is just not true. Try looking at it from many other perspectives and you will instantly be able to solve it in no time. Let me give an example with the trick below:

Vanishing toothpick trick

  1.     toothpick 1
  2.     toothpick 3
  3.     toothpick 2


Now you just learned how to trick a person! But wait, HOW?? Perspective. you looked at this trick from the eyes of a magician. It was rather easy to know how the trick is done.

Perspective is power. Collaborate and cooperate. Listen to other people’s perspectives. This will allow you to solve the problems in your life, which you previously thought were impossible to solve!

Written by: Thiha Chi/tithiha96@gmail.com

A better sleep

Don’t let your own body restrict your productivity.

As far as I know, everyone wants to be productive- most would even LOSE SLEEP to be productive! Well, if that sounds like you, think again.

Now, we all know what tiredness is like- it breaks our motivation, stifles our creativity, and before we know, hours passed with a minimal amount of work done. Tiredness is an issue that we all face in our daily lives, an obstacle that is foiling us from achieving our goals. With your mind and body worn out, you will not only find a simple routine more frustrating, but also find yourself surrounded by stress.

Every morning, you want to wake up knowing that you can accomplish something today. And the very first and fundamental step is to get rid of this enemy called fatigue by obtaining an optimal amount and quality of sleep.

BEEP-BEEP! It’s a short high pitch noise that is often produced in the morning and popularly considered as the sound of terror. Every morning, you force yourself to start the day with an alarm and even if you follow the average sleeping hours, you will still feel like you just got hit by a truck. This happens because of your body’s sleep cycle.


Sleep cycle consists of different stages of sleep which corresponds to different levels of brain activity. If the alarm clock strikes at a wrong phase of your sleep cycle, the chances are you will probably wake up as a grumpy old man. Before the invention of alarm clock, people would usually wake up at a completion of their sleep cycles. Hence, they would generally be well-rested and motivated.

You may use alarm as a backup after you get familiar with your body’s sleep cycle and in this manner, you will be able to acquire a better sleep and a more productive day.

Written by: Zwe/ jaygats30@gmail.com

Take Control

Who is that someone that you have complete control over? If you answered it is you, you just barely missed it.. The answer is not you but the future you. You right now and the future you are not the same unless you allow it to. It’s your choice to either develop yourself, gather more knowledge, find out opportunities and take action or you don’t improve yourself and be the same person as you are. I believe the first option is the choice that everyone wants to take, but how?

Focus on these topics:

1.Controlling Your Own Mind


The most powerful ability you can ever acquire. Control your own mind, don’t let emotions involved.

2. Failure and Success


Study this not to let yourself down in case of failure. Failure is like a brick. Success is like a wall. Many failures combined can build success with the help of ‘cement’ which in this case refers to ‘lessons taken from failures’.



It is one of the most important things to improve on along the road to success. This is an ability to negotiate with others with little or no friction, so as to gain a maximum of friendly cooperation. Well, two minds are always better than one.

4.Creative Vision


The one thing that Mr. Andrew Carnegie possessed (if you have not read about him, go to here), is the ability to recognize opportunities and take action to benefit from them, with the help of imagination.



Without this ability, you won’t be able to see those wonderful opportunities present around you. With this ability, you can solve any problems that you think are impossible. For instance, a magician will lock you in one perspective and make you think that their tricks are impossible to solve. Look at each and every problem you come across, from the other side, and you’ll instantly know how the trick is done.

Written by: Thiha Chi/ tithiha96@gmail.com

Industrialist Andrew Carnegie at His Desk
(Original Caption) Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), American industrialist and humanitarian. Born in Dunfermline, Scotland. Arrived in the United States in 1848. Entered the iron and steel business in 1865. Consolidated his interests into Carnegie Steel Company in 1899. Merged this company with US Steel Corporation in 1901 and retired. Undated photo of Carnegie. (Photo by George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images)

For this week, let’s start off with an inspirational story- and it’s no other than the story of the great Andrew Carnegie!

Born in Scotland, later immigrated to United States, Andrew Carnegie is one of the greatest and richest human who ever lived on earth; he is the richest American of all time with the net worth of $372 billion! Carnegie was a powerful, crude businessman who caused a gigantic expansion of steel industry in America.

Throughout his life, he had earned many titles- an industrialist, business magnate and philanthropist. During the last 18 years of his life, he gave away about $350 million-$76.5 billion adjusted to 2015 GDP- to foundations, charities and universities.

Lived: 1835 – 1919

Country: United States

Wealth: $372 billion


Written by: Thiha Chi/ tithiha96@gmail.com

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